The ProBlue Solution
Rethink  AdBlue® 
Total ProBlue Management System     
If your company currently consumes more than 2500L of AdBlue® per month
you may automatically qualify for our Total ProBlue Management System

If you consumption is less than 2500L per month you could choose to pay
a monthly fee or we can supply IBCs and have a large range of IBC pump kits
High Quality
VDA Certified AdBlue®
​supplied in IBCs or Bulk Supply

AUS 32
Compliant with ISO 22241

ISO 9001 Quality Management System

​Over 60 years experience manufacturing quality chemicals

Save Money

Less Paperwork

Record Usage

Never Run Out

T​he ProBlue Solution will improve your cash flow, reduces your administration costs and you will pay less than at the pump
Hardman Chemicals will manage your ordering and deliveries and  reduces your paperwork by providing  one single monthly invoice
Hardman Chemicals use advance telemetrics to remotely monitor your tank meaning you will never run out of AdBlue®
The ProBlue Management Solution can include a fuel management system or connect to your existing system to record your individual vehicle usage

Total ProBlue Management Solution
High Quality Certified AdBlue®

Slimline Tank
Advanced Technolgy
Remote Monitoring 

No Upfront Costs

   Up to 20% saving
Single monthly invoice
Remote stock management
Individual vehicle consumption

If you dont have enough current volume to qualify for the Total Problue Management System we are also able to supply 1000L IBCs and dispensing equipment 
AdBlue® Accessories

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